Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One Year Later

What a difference a year makes. July 28 will be our one year anniversary of Will's Adoption Day. He has grown (in every way) so much! Last Summer, he was terrified of the water...wouldn't even stand in the baby pool in China by himself. Today, I have a hard time keeping him above the water. He puts his own goggles on and off he goes. I can't take my eyes off of him. He makes me really nervous because he can't swim yet, but loves to be under the water.

A year ago, he wouldn't touch sand, this Summer at the Lake he rolled around in it, dumped it in his hair, dug holes....just covered himself in it!

A year ago, he would just constantly cling to me, now he is going to school once a week, interacting with classmates, staying in the daycare at the YMCA for an hour a few times a week, and going off happily with his brother, sister, dad, other family members and friends.

Physically, he has grown 5 inches and gained 5 pounds. He is finally on the charts for height and weight! Only the 3rd percentile for both....but he's on the charts!!!!!

Since he's been home, he has had dental surgery, tubes in his ears, plastic surgery...closing his palate, two ultrasounds, an MRI, a sleep study, hormone shots, and has had to redo most of his immunizations....2 more to go. His next surgery is coming up in August and I'm waiting to hear from his ENT on tonsils and adnoids, which would be his fourth surgery. Then he will see the facial cranial team again in October. He has been so brave and so strong through it all!

He'll start speech in September through preschool and also at Children's. He is saying lots of words and even speaking in short sentences, he just needs work on putting some of his sounds together.

He's still as sweet as ever and is getting sillier everyday! I can't believe he's been home for a year.....but at the same time, it seems like he's been home since he was born.