Thursday, January 15, 2009

5 Months Later

Will has been home for about five months now. It's amazing to me how much he has learned, grown and adjusted. It seems like he has been with us since the day he was born. I can't imagine my life without him now.

A few weeks after we returned home, Will was tested in all areas of his development. He was 8-10 months behind in all areas. Three months later, he was retested and we learned that he had already caught up in all areas except speech. We're hoping his speech will improve after he gets his tubes (next week) and then his palate surgery (March). However, he's doing better then we expected. He says over 100 words....just not really clear. He also will repeat just about anything you ask him to. And he's saying more two and three word sentences all the time.

Karli and Griffin have been a huge part in Will's development. He watches everything they do and then imitates them. He loves being around them and can't wait until they get home from school! Needless to say, they spoil him rotten!

Will is such a loving child. He is always so concerned when another child is crying or upset. He loves helping everyone too! If someone drops something, he'll run over and pick it up. He's also getting very independent. He's trying to dress and undress himself, he feeds himself, brushes his teeth, washes his hair in the tub, etc.

Sometimes I think about how much Will has been through in just two short years and through it all, he is so happy and so sweet. It really makes you realize the truly important things in life......


Aus said...

Hey MC - congratulations on a first American Christmas! Looks like you guys are really blooming! Prayers for sucessful surgeries - maybe some time when you are over at your Mom's we can get Will and Braelyn together!

hugs -

aus, Marie, and co.

Kevin McMahan said...

Hey May Carol,
It's nice to see an update of Will's progress...
We're planning on coming home for Easter!
Take Care.

Kevin, Natasha, and Petra

rachel.a.rasmussen said...

I was so excited to see you had written to Amanda and she posted your update on Will. Then I checked your blog again and there was more of an update :) I still think about those kiddos all the time and am so glad to see that Will is flourishing. I had no doubts that once he found that perfect forever family, he'd exceed our wildest dreams. Happy Summer.